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HLR Open Numbers

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 In my last editorial, that would be the March 3rd Gazette, I waxed on about how great it would be if we had some simple and consistent numbers that would communicate the costs we are incurring for certain things, and I included amenities. I even gave you the actual Webster's definition of the term. I told you about how I had shared those ideas with the "B" Board, and even gave each of them a copy of a "sample report form" that was also included in that same editorial space.

Well, we all know how busy those guys are so I decided to take it further, on my own. I asked our GM, Rob James if he would meet me for lunch, my treat since he treated last time at the Fore Seasons. This time the meeting was at Lone Star Pizza, so my out of pocket was much less than Rob's.

We had an enjoyable visit and buried many hatchets, all figurative. I went over in detail my ideas for giving the people a simple and consistent report of the important numbers of Ranch operations that included the actual costs of our amenities. Rob was quite receptive to my ideas. He agreed to putting such a report together for the 4th Quarter of 2006, and it is included in this space. I volunteered to lump his GM Salary in with other administration salaries, so as to reduce any possible embarrassment for him.

We discussed other things including By Laws, Fore Seasons and work groups. Everything was cordial and I feel that Rob wants to work with the new Board to move forward with improvements for all of us here at Holly Lake Ranch. W.C.

By using the core numbers (to right) I was able to come up with this:

1. Monthly cost of golf for each dues paying member $ 17.16

 2. Monthly cost of gated security for each dues payer $ 22.07

 3. Monthly cost of Restaurant for each dues payer $ 15.93(numbers furnished by Rob James)

4th Qtr. 06 Core Numbers - HLR
Amenity Cost
Gated Security (incl. salaries) $132,444
Golf -net (incl. salaries) $102,983
Restaurant-net (incl. salaries) $ 95,632
Total amenity cost for Qtr. $331,059

 Other Costs
Admin. Salaries (incl. GM) $ 73,430
Garbage fee $ 55,442
Other Adm. Exp. $ 84,425
Maintenance (incl. Salaries) $ 74,506
Roads (Incl salaries) $ 38,894
Recreation (no salaries) $ 6,750
A/R & collections (incl. salaries)$ 32,059
Total other costs $365,606

Home owner Dues (Qtr. avg.) $511,728
Silverleaf dues $ 7,882
Initiation fees ($2,500 fee) $ 58,650
Bldg. permits $ 13,100
Garbage fees collected $ 78,222
Rd. assessment (avg. qtr) $ 27,144
Other revenues (estimate) $ 10,000
Total Revenues $706,726

 Net operating margin for 4th qtr. $ 10,161

The Gazette recommends that each HLR property owner cut these core numbers out and put them on "fridge" for comparison with the forth coming numbers for 1st Qtr 2007. W.C.

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