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Road Paving at Holly Lake Ranch

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As you can see, we have a new ½ mile section of blacktop replacing a worn out and rough section of Holly Trail East from the corner by the newsstand to Golf Dr. with a much smoother riding hot mix asphalt.

In a meeting on February 23, 2007 between me as the Roads Work Group Chairman, Larry Bowman representing the "B" Board, Rob James, Association General Manager and Billy Coyle, Manager of the Roads and Maintenance Staff, we discussed problems and solutions to better carry out the paving work in the coming year. It was agreed that going forward we will not plan to do most paving until the weather is generally warmer (March or April forward) so adequate cleaning and road preparation can be done.

I would like to point out too everyone that due to the way our roadways were built originally, there is no regular roadway base constructed with a uniform cross-section anywhere on the ranch. Therefore, when overlaying the old roadway section, irregularity of the section can result in places in the road which do not get the expected thickness required. This means that these sections tend to be distressed by traffic and some of the overlay will peel off. As you may have seen, these failed areas have been repaired in this section. Another part of the problem is a result of traffic traveling on the new pavement to soon after it is laid down. Newly laid asphalt needs to cool and settle for at least 8-10 hours prior to it getting regular traffic.

In order to eliminate this problem, which is dependant upon the Property Owners as a group being cooperative and patient when paving is being done; we are recommending that the traffic be reduced to one-way on the adjacent ½ of the roadway for a period of at least eight (8) hours to allow the newly paved portion to properly cure. It was pointed out that during the paving of the above mentioned section, that some were too impatient to wait for oncoming traffic and chose to drive past the employee with the stop sign and go on the newly paved portion. This is not only dangerous for everyone, but caused damage to the new asphalt in several areas. These actions cause rework and addition expense.

In the coming months we will have additional paving project and would ask that everyone be patient and cooperate so the paving will properly cure and be longer lasting which is what we all want. We are looking at possibly getting additional cones to help direct traffic off the new paving. Should your specific driveway be cut off as a result of the paving, understand that you can cross the new pavement into your driveway, but please resist the temptation to drive elsewhere on the new pavement until it is opened for traffic by our Road Crew.

Rick Van Heyst

Chairman, Roads & Public Works Work Group


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